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Multimedia and Fair Use

Fair Use Checklist

There is no perfect definition of "fair use" in education without going to a federal court. However, one can use four guiding factors as prepared by the Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Indiana University has been a leader in copyright and fair use awareness and is an excellent resource for understanding the nature of copyright infringement and how to avoid it.

How to Avoid Copyright Law Infringement with Digital Media

Another resource from IU-Bloominton explains the Digital Millennium Copyright Act enacted by Congress in 1998, changing the US Copyright Act.

Fair Use Checklist from the Copyright Advisory Office, Columbia University

Temple University Media Education Lab Research and Scholarship site, under the direction of Renee Hobbs, has some of the best resources on copyright and Fair Use, and media literacy, particularly for use in Teacher Education.

Hobbs, R.. (2010, April). Copyright Clarity. Corwin/Sage, 2010. This link is to Dr. Hobbs resource site for her book, Copyright Clarity. The site contains links to presentations, best practices, and supporting multimedia.

Copyright And Fair Use: Lesson Plans for High School, College and Graduate Education. Lessons plans and materials to help you teach about copyright and Fair Use.