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What Are Clickers (Student Interactive Response Systems)

Clickers are keypads which wirelessly transmit student input to a receiver connected to a computer used by an instructor. Typically, instructors use this sort of response system to present questions interspersed throughout a presentation, receiving immediate feedback about student skills and knowledge.

Clickers may also be used for attendance/participation points, quizzes/tests, group activities, and more.

Clickers enable more interaction between students and faculty in classroom learning situations.


Why use clickers/response systems?

The challenges of maintaining the attention of college learners during lectures have been demonstrated in many studies, and can be anecdotally confirmed by any instructor. An increasing body of research documents incompatibilities of the lecture format with findings from cognitive science on how people learn.

One technology (well known from at least the time of Socrates) to address this challenge is the question. However, asking questions and involving students in actively processing information presents logistical challenges in large lecture halls. Classroom response systems are a technology designed to help instructors overcome this challenge and engage students in more effective learning.

Assessment results from class clicker use can easily (even seamlessly) be imported into Blackboard or spreadsheet programs.

The Senteo interactive response system includes handheld wireless remotes (or clickers), a receiver and powerful assessment software that allows you to create tests and manage, track, and evaluate the results.

Instructions for setting up and using Senteo clickers