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Philosophy Program

Mission of the Philosophy Major

The Philosophy Program prepares students to critically examine the most basic questions about life and society, and fosters the pursuit of knowledge, value and wisdom by means of the study of the history and problems of philosophy. Students will learn to use critical thinking skills and logic to evaluate ethical and leadership challenges posed by a technologically advanced global society.
At the completion of the program students will demonstrate:

1. A respect for and practice of rigorous reflection on philosophical questions and broader issues in society.

2. A proficiency in the application of principles of logic and critical thinking to arguments, claims, and texts.

3. An ability to distinguish and take a problem-solving approach to issues in the major branches of philosophy.

4. A recognition of major viewpoints and themes in the history of philosophy.

5. A capacity to communicate clearly and cogently in oral and written presentations.

Program Requirements & Course Descriptions:
Philosophy Major
Philosophy Minor
Ethics Minor
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