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Horace Mann Bond Honors Program

Dr. D. Zizwe Poe, Director


The Horace Mann Bond Honors Program will provide a high quality and relevant academic growth experience for all Honors Program students and, therefore, a premier and challenging experience for Lincoln’s best and brightest students.

Vision Statement

The Horace Mann Bond Honors Program offers academically talented students a well-structured and challenging multi-disciplinary Honors curriculum that embraces opportunities for intellectual growth through research, cultural enrichment and community service.  Graduates of the program should become successful leaders who will make innovative contributions to uplifting the human condition.


The program’s objective is to make University education both problem solving and more responsive to the needs of the human community by combining the finest elements in Liberal Arts education with the traditional virtues of adult responsibility – reason, respect, reverence, reciprocity, restraint, reliability, and responsibility.

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