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Horace Mann Bond Honors Program

Dr. D. Zizwe Poe, Director 484-365-7180 (dpoe@lincoln.edu)


The following are Honors course requirements:

  • FYE for Honors ..... 3 credits

Transfer students may be exempt from this requirement.  Lincoln students who enter as Sophomores will have completed this requirement during the Freshman year.

  • Foreign Language (two years) ..... 16 credits
  • Research Methodology course (dept. specific) ..... 3 credits
  • Honors Seminar (3) ..... 9 credits
  • Capstone Seminar  ..... 3 credits (Same as Dept. Senior Seminar)
  • Honors Thesis Presentation

During the spring semester of the Junior year, Honors Program students should select a research mentor.  This faculty member will guide the Honors Thesis project for the student.  The Honors Thesis will be presented to the campus in a formal colloquium during the student’s final semester of study.

Students are encouraged to participate in an internship and/or study abroad experience.




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