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The purpose of this site is to demonstrate that students pass the Praxis teaching licensure exam all the time. The site contains vignettes of students who have passed Praxis talking about what they did to be successful and giving advice to future test takers.

This site is based upon a tenet of self-efficacy theory as articulated by Albert Bandura. Self-efficacy is a person’s belief in their ability to successfully perform a specific task (such as the Praxis exam). A person’s self-efficacy is increased when they see people like them perform well on similar tasks. Successful vicarious experiences such as these often times make people say, “If they can do it, I can probably do it too!” From the vignettes and advice given from Lincoln University students on this site, viewers should see that people just like them pass the Praxis exam all the time when they have accurate information about the test, properly prepare, and keep the right mindset the day of the test.


As answered by Melissa Carr, Alease Tabb, Gerald Dessus, Tysean Gross, Joy Floyd, Christina Minus, Jelissa Price, Tabyus Walker, Ashley English, Symone O'Neal, Tatiana Williams. CREDITS

Lincoln Education students share tips on how to prepare for the Praxis exam.