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To date, the Global Studies Institute has worked very closely with the Director of Cultures and Languages, and the Director of International Services, and have given a significant amount of resources to students to assist them with travel and tuition during their participation in the Study Abroad program.

Scholarships to assist with tuition and travel were awarded by the Institute as follows:
  • Lenique Bligen AustraLearn $2,267
  • Amanda Jones KCP International USA 3,000
  • April Jones Fudan Summer Program 3,500
  • Jerron Joseph KCP International USA 3,000
  • Veleka Sweeting Tunghai Summer Program 3,500
  • Maya Watson Operation Crossroads to Africa 3,500
In addition, tuition and travel was paid by the Institute for three students who were accepted into the 2000 Summer Institute for Future Global Leaders in the Caribbean, held at the University of the Virgin Islands, May 22-June 3, 2000. Students participating in this program were Tamara Hall, Robinson Jean-Louis and Dana Thorpe.
To learn more about the Study Abroad Program, please contact Ms. Connie Lundy, Director of International Services. From left to right: Dr. Robert Millette, Sharon Bollers, Giana Lawrence, Ambassador Lionel Hurst, Permanent Representative to Antigua and Barbuda, Stella Odili, and Tamara Hall.

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Ambassador Hurst with Dr. Millette and others.