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Faculty Research

The Global Studies Institute offered summer stipends to members of the faculty and staff who were engaged in research in the following areas.

1. The Transportation of Hazardous Waste in the Caribbean.

2. Renewable Sources of Energy.

3. CARICOM’s Response to Globalization, Sustainable Development and Democracy.

4. The Contributions of the Caribbean Community at the United Nations.

5. The Impact of Drugs, AIDS, Poverty, and Unemployment in Latin America and the Caribbean.

6. International Trade, Banking and Commerce.

7. Any research topic of choice, but with specific reference to Latin America or the Caribbean. The Institute plans to publish completed research projects in its Monograph Series.

The following faculty members have received grants from the Global Studies Institute for the areas of research listed.

1. Dr. Carl E. Briscoe – An Analytics of Ethnicity & the Politics of Ethnic Conflict in Dependent Democracies: A Comparative Analysis.

2. Dr. Janice-Marie McDonald – to continue her research project started in 1998 at the University of Pittsburgh and in Mexico involving Blacks in Latin America.

3. Professor Ozzie Richards – Rebuilding Strategic Infrastructure Management for Global Competition and Investments in the Caribbean.

4. Dr. Ganga Ramdas – U.S. Direct Foreign Investment under the Caribbean Basin Initiative 1983-1999.

5. Dr. Oluropo Sekoni – A Study of Environmental Themes in African and African-American and Afro-Caribbean Poetry.

In addition, the following faculty members were awarded the opportunity to attend conferences/seminars, funded by the Institute.

1. Dr. Janice-Marie McDonald, Chair, Dept. of Languages and Linguistics – Council on Foreign Relations Conference on Latin America, New York

2. Dr. Gwinyai Muzorewa, Chair, Dept. of Religion – 2000 World Congress on Religion – Cape Town, South Africa

3. Dr. Robert Millette, Professor of Sociology & Anthropology and Director of the Global Studies Institute – Caribbean Studies Association 25th Annual Conference, Castries, St. Lucia

4. Dr. Robert Millette, Director of the Global Studies Institute – International Faculty Development Seminar – Post-Mandela South Africa, Pretoria and Cape Town, South Africa

5. Dr. Robert Millette – Workshop on International Funding and Career Opportunities – The White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities – Florida A&M University

6. Dr. Marshall Henderson, Chair, Dept. of Biology – Trade and Investment Mission sponsored by the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Grenada, West Indies Requests for related travel should be submitted to the Global Studies Institute well in advance of travel dates.

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