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Goals and Objectives

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Global Studies Institute is to enrich the university's effort to provide its students with a global perspective that will position Lincoln's graduates for optimal use of their skills and knowledge in the emerging global environment of the new millennium. The Institute seeks to provide opportunities for Lincoln students and faculty to pursue international education, research and training.

Goals and Objectives

Establish an Endowment Fund for the Institute. Money raised will be used to specifically recruit and support international merit and achievement scholars.

Recruit a minimum of ten academically gifted students per year.

Establish a Speakers Bureau. The Institute plans to invite heads of state and heads of government, senior foreign-service officials, top-ranking members of the diplomatic corps and international organizations, state, local, and federal officials, and international scholars and researchers.

Arrange for faculty and student internships, visiting scholars, diplomat-in-residence, and summer employment with international agencies for students and faculty.

Sponsor Study Abroad programs for students interested in pursuing careers in diplomacy, international affairs, or employment with the State Department.

Establish and promote an ongoing Lincoln University Intellectual Forum (LUIF). Lincoln University professors, students, staff and administrators, visiting professors from surrounding universities and visiting dignitaries, will be invited to serve as forum presenters or coordinators.

Monograph Series. In collaboration with the Lincoln University Press, the Institute will publish a Monograph Series. The Institute will select a theme, focusing on the Caribbean, and invite Lincoln University students and faculty and colleagues from outside colleges and universities, local, state and federal agencies, international and non-governmental agencies, to submit articles for publication. The theme for the December 2000 publication is "The Caribbean in the 21st Century."

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