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Common Characteristics of FYE 101

As part of your undergraduate experience at Lincoln University, you will be required to take the Freshman Year Experience.  The following outline the components of the Freshman Year Experience:

  1. Social and Academic Skill Development

            According to the National Resource Center for the First Year Experience and Students in Transition, the first six weeks of college is a critical period for student adjustment.  Given this fact, emphasis will be applied to equipping you with the academic and social skills necessary for a successful transition to university life.  Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to listening, note-taking, and class participation, time management, study and test-taking skills, stress management, personal/interpersonal communication, and connecting a major to a career.

II.  The Lincoln Tradition
            Lincoln University has a special heritage; all students should be aware of that heritage.  Various orientation programs will help to inform you, but each FYE will devote class time to further clarifying the Lincoln tradition as it relates to being a Historically Black College/ University (HBCU).

III.  The Liberal Arts

            Lincoln University is a liberal arts college.  What does this mean?  An how does it further your personal career goals?  The FYE will set aside time to discuss these questions early in the semester.

IV.  Lectures, Recitals and Convocations

            Students will be required to attend the lectures, recitals and convocations that are offered throughout the semester.  You will be discussing the issues raised in these programs in your class, and your professor may assign you additional work on the lectures.  Your professor may also require you to attend other extracurricular activities.

V.  Library Research/ Computer Literacy
            Freshman Year Experience will require you to undertake a specific project that requires you to search for information in the library, to analyze what you have found, and to present your findings in appropriate written form.  To help you prepare for this exercise, you will be given a library orientation by the library staff, and faculty will model note-taking through an in-class exercise in which they illustrate how to read a text or take proper notes.

VI.  Writing
            In addition to the research exercise, your professor will require other forms of writing.  You will be asked to keep a journal (the professor will explain the format).  At least 50% of your midterm and final exams will require essay answers in which you must make and support relevant points.  You will also be assigned formal essays.  Your professor will probably not be an English instructor, but he or she will not accept sloppy writing.  If the essay is unacceptable, it will be returned to you and you will be required to take it to the Writing Lab, where you will revise it until it meets the minimum standard.

VII.  Speech
            FYE’s are designed to emphasize your classroom contributions: Discussion is the basic mode of instruction.  Your professor will insure that you are given opportunities to speak both informally and formally.

VIII.  Critical Thinking
            Learning to think critically is one of the fundamental challenges of the Freshman Year Experience and, indeed, of your entire college experience.

            Your professor will explain to you what “critical thinking” means in the context of a college education.  William Perry’s map of cognitive development illustrates how everyone who evolves intellectually does so through a set of stages; you will learn these stages.  You will learn that knowledge is always less certain than you thought it was.



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