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" Enriching the World Around Us "

Executive Branch

Legislative Branch  Judicial Branch

Executive Branch Goals 2007-08

1. Provide the best student representation for the students on the Lincoln University campus.

2. Empower and uplift students through the use of organizational involvement.

3. Aid in the physical enhancement of the Lincoln University community.

4. Bring awareness to Lincoln University’s rich alumni history.

5. Preserve the interest and integrity of Lincoln University students.

6. Promote quality educational and recreational activities that best serve the Lincoln University community.

7. Elevate the awareness of programs and facilities available to students to aid in their personal development.

8. Promote an academic rich environment.

9. Be the bridge between students, faculty and staff of Lincoln University.

The Three E's of Excellence

This theme “The Three E’s of Excellence” encompasses the joint efforts of all the branches of the Student Government Association. It emphasizes our motto of “Enriching the World around us.”

Enhancing Our Environment

- building renovation/remolding fund
- recycling program

Empowering Our Family

- encourage increase in organizational involvement within student organizations
- hearten the surrounding communities and alumni to become more active within the Lincoln University community

Exploring our Legacy

- promote an increase in Lincoln University students pride through the use of our past

- encourage alumni involvement


The Student Government Association a department/organization that is devoted to being student-centered in representing and advocating for student rights. We understand the need for voicing the concerns and questions of our student body, ensuring that our peers receive quality representation from none other than students like themselves who face the same everyday occurrences. During this academic we hope to revitalize the spirit of the student body by providing prideful events and activities. We also see the need for change and revision in our Constitution and infrastructure. SGA will ensure that the future classes of Lincoln University receive updated laws and bi-laws that are parallel to our University, our community and our country.

The Executive Branch

The Executive Branch consists of six (6) members of the Student Body, Five (5) voting members and one (1) non- voting member. For all duties of the Executive Branch, please refer to Article II, Section I through Section VII of the Lincoln Universityís Student Government Associationís Constitution. 

Courtney Tipper

Vice- President of Internal Affairs and Operations: Stephanie Rand
Vice- President of External Affairs:
Charlay Jones

Executive Tresurer: John Scott

Executive Secretary: Antoine Aluqduh

President Pro-Tem: Antoine Wallace


The Executive Branch


The General Assembly, which includes the Student Senate and the President's Council, composes the Legislative Branch of the Student Government Association (SGA).


For all duties of the Senate, please refer to Article III, Section II of the Lincoln Universityís Student Government Associationís Constitution. 


For all duties of the Presidentís Council, please refer to Article III, Section V of the Lincoln Universityís Student Government Associationís Constitution. 


The Judicial Branch


The Judicial Branch of the Student Government Association is composed of eleven (11) Justices. The Judicial Brach is responsible for upholding the Lincoln University Student Code of Conduct.