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Department of English and Mass Communications
9 January 2007 Department Meeting Minutes

Present:  Drs. Button, Hoogeveen, Bhuiyan, Nigro, Prigg, Siddque, Sheard and Profs. Amadio, Donohue, Esters, and Whitesel.

  1. Successes
    1. Dr. Nigro was happy to report that she received much rest over break. Everyone was in agreement.
  2. A motion by Dr. Prigg was seconded by Dr. Hoogeveen to approve the minutes from the November meeting with spelling corrections and a motion to post the minutes to the Internet.
  3. Review of Schedules and Forms
    1. Discrepancies between the schedule and registrar forms were noted and should be brought to the attention of Diane Smith ad the registrar.
  4. Prof. William Adams will not be able to teach this semester. Although he is recovering from quadruple bi-pass surgery, the rehabilitation is taking longer than expected.
    1. The radio will be managed by Dr. Poe, according to Dr. Bhuiyan. There will be a 2-hour news feed and a talk show. However, Dr. Bhuiyan indicated there are limited resources.
    2. The TV station will feature a talk show and some community involvement.
    3. Dr. Hoogeveen suggested placing a monitor in the department. The radio will also be played in certain rooms around campus.
  5. Mass Communications Position
    1. Two qualified candidates submitted CVs, however one withdrew. The positions for a tenure track slot in Print Journalism and a tenure track slot in Broadcast Journalism remain open.
  6. Placement
    1. Dr. Hoogeveen asked that all professors check the failure list with their rosters to ensure students are properly placed.
    2. He also asked that ENG 102 professors from last semester inform Marilyn Frantz of the number of ENG 102 students who failed last semester because of the B- blue book requirement.
    3. Dr. Button indicated that the new computer system should eliminate mis-registrations.
    4.  ENG 102 is currently a pre-req for PHL. Dr. Button emphasized how that designation underscores the work done in ENG 102. Dr. Hoogeveen added that ENG 102 and PHL 101 might become co-reqs, if PHL 101 changes the writing assignments to reflect ENG 102 work.
  7. Date for Info Potluck
    1. A date needs to be set for the English Department Info Session Potluck.
  8. Retention Initiative Reminder
    1. Dr. Button reminded the faculty that Dean Willis is interested in professors pairing students, utilizing tutoring, and challenging the strongest students.
  9. The Need to Know: University data available upon request
    1. Dr. Button has a brown folder on her bookcase with a plethora of information about Lincoln University that she said should be a valuable resource when writing a proposal.
  10. Simbaa
    1. Prof. Amadio, Faculty Director of Simbaa, the Official Literary Magazine of Lincoln University, passed out a flyer about the magazine. The deadline for submissions is Feb. 28, and submissions can be e-mailed to lulitmag@yahoo.com.


Respectfully submitted by:

William J. Donohue
English and Mass Communications


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