Department of English and Mass Communications

6 February 2007 Department Meeting Minutes


Present:  Drs. Button, Hoogeveen, Bhuiyan, Nigro, Prigg, Siddque, and Profs. Donohue, Chikwem, Esters, Travalini, and Whitesel. Guest: Elizabeth Pitts from the Library


  1. Announcements
    1. Professor Donohue announced that he is serving as webmaster of the English and Mass Communications Department webpage:
    2. Prof. Whitesel reported that, Jasmine Austin, a Lincolnian staff writer, was asked to interview Kat Williams as a promotion for Eddie Murphy’s new movie.
    3. Dr. Siddque declared that Keith Olbermann a political talk show host on MSNBC faulted President George W. Bush for mentioning a mythical story in the State of the Union Address that the government squashed attempts of Pakistanis to hijack airplanes with bombs. Dr. Siddque was the first and only person to offer analysis as to exactly how and why the Pakistani terrorist plot is myth.
    4. Prof. Travalini announced that the schedule for the 2007 Delaware Literary Connection Conference would be available soon. For more information go to
    5. Dr. Button informed the department of the death of Emma Clark, a counselor and member of the Education Department.


  1. The January minutes were approved with the correction that Princess Coaxum was involved in a serious car accident that nearly took her life.


  1. Ms. Elizabeth Pitts from the Library announced that she is compiling a bibliography for Mass Communications that she hopes to have completed by April. She also asked that Faculty Book Request Forms be returned to her by mid-March.


  1. Curriculum Review

1.      Dr. Button reported that selected Learner Outcomes from Dr. James DeBoy must be included on Fall syllabi.

2.      World Literature Update: Anyone interested in joining the World Literature committee should see Dr. Prigg. A full report and a recommendation is due at the next department meeting.

3.      Revised Liberal Arts Proposal: Dr. Hoogeveen presented the idea of a Text & Criticism track. The idea is a discussion item in the beginning stages of development, but it includes a cross-listing of courses with the Art and Philosophy departments. The track may be a replacement or supplement to the current Liberal Arts Track.

a.       Dr. Prigg asked for more literature representation in the discussion. Anyone interested in joining the committee should see Dr. Hoogeveen.

b.      Dr. Bhuiyan suggested offering a major and minor in conjunction with Mass Communications.

c.       Dr. Nigro pointed out that Lincoln students are very job oriented, and Prof. Chikwem added that the new track could be pushed as Pre-Law.


  1. Upcoming Faculty Classroom Observations
    1. Dr. Button announced that adjunct faculty will be closely appraised especially because the five semester limit has been lifted. Full-time and non-tenure faculty are also subject to review, which might be unannounced visits.


  1. English Education Honors Proposal
    1. Dr. Nigro presented the proposal from the committee that includes Dr. Sekoni, Dr. Bhuiyan, and herself.
    2. Not included in the proposal is grant money to hire speakers.
    3. Dr. Nigro said that the program would give English Education majors a chance to do graduate level research and writing.


  1. Writing Lab
    1. Prof. Esters reported that the LRC is ready and willing to help students. A professor may refer a student from any class with a prescription sheet. Extra forms are available online at The forms can be typed and printed from the website, and students can utilize the LRC’s drop-in hours from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. everyday.
    2. The Humanities Tutoring Night can also utilize the prescription sheets. The peer tutors are available every Wednesday night from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the LRC.


  1. The English and Mass Communications Info Session is being delayed until next semester while alternative, possibly more creative and fun options are considered.