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English Liberal Arts Major —± Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of the English Liberal Arts Program, students will be able to

1. Explain the historical development of Anglophone literature; in particular, the major phases of English, American, and African American literatures.

2. Compare and contrast significant esthetic and ethical aspects of major works of literature produced by Anglophone writers:  English, American, African American, African, and others.

3.  Describe the structure and history of the English language, and the phonological and morphological aspects of the language.

4.  Complete college-level writing assignments in the discipline, making effective use of standard academic English.

a. Write papers (5 paragraphs to 20 pages), exam essays, and a senior thesis (30+ pages) following the MLA conventions for presenting research.

b.  Locate and give examples of appropriate secondary sources on literary topics (using library and web-based resources), comprehend and evaluate their content, and properly integrate relevant passages into the students’ own critical papers and theses.

c.  Define and apply a range of terms and concepts of literary analysis and methodology, and demonstrate an awareness of the principal trends in contemporary literary theory.

5.  Demonstrate the effective use of appropriate communication technologies (eg. WebCT, email, PowerPoint).

6. Make formal and informal oral presentations, including an oral defense of a thesis to an audience of professors

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