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Web Resources

The following links can be very helpful for online research.

Use the following search engines for help find information about a subject that you want to write about. The best way to search with these engines is to try a few of them and use a combination of different "search" words.

For instance, if you are searching for information on the life of Langston Hughes and his time at Lincoln University, then write "Langston Hughes," and put both words in quotation marks. Then, for some search engines, find the link that allows you to search within results, and then type in "Lincoln University," also this time in quotation marks.

These are the most effective search engines:

The following links are excellent tools for writing your papers:

The Merriam-Webster dictionary

The Modern Languages Association web site; current MLA style questions.

Purdue Owl: The Original OnLine Writing lab

Amherst College: Resources for Writers

The Texas Tech University Online Writing Lab. This OWL allows you to interact with tutors.

The American Psychological Association web site; current APA style.

Marist College's Online Writing Lab. Good help for proofreading.

The following links are for ENG 250 Introduction to Cinema:

Film History:

Film History by Decade


Main Film Genres

Film Terms:

Film Terms Glossary/Dictionary

Glossary of Cinematic Terms

Film Theory:

Film Theory (Wikipedia links on page)

Why Are Movies So Bad? Or, the Numbers

If you have any comments or know of any other good links, please send email to Dr. Jeff Hoogeveen.







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