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Welcome to the Lincoln University

Composition Program and Student Writing Page

Composition Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Composition Program at Lincoln University is to prepare students for all writing assignments throughout their undergraduate academic experience. The Program seeks to create an environment in which writing skills are given the highest priority. The Program seeks to foster the understanding that writing is a mode of learning just as it is a critical communication medium.

This page provides information about our four Composition courses: English 098, 099, 101, and 102.

This page also, more importantly, highlights excellent writing from Lincoln University students. Further information about English courses and requirements for English majors can be found at the Lincoln English Program Homepage.

Several useful search engines and other helpful web sites are linked to Web Resources. Comments are always welcome.

Please email the Freshman Composition Program Director, Dr. Jeff Hoogeveen.

The Rhetorical Patterns

Assessment General Overview: Learner Outcomes

Prescription Sheet for Instructors (in MSWord)

Faculty Statement on Academic Integrity

The Composition Program

English 101 and 102 are Lincoln University general education requirements. Placement into Composition courses is based upon your Accu-Placer score. Certain scores require an incoming student to take either English 098 or 099, before taking English 101 and 102. After completion of English 102, and before graduation (and before enrolling in senior seminars; see your advisor for more information), students must take the Lincoln University Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE).

English 098:
Portfolio Exemption from English 099 (Moving from ENG 098 to ENG 101)

English 099:
Portfolio Exemption from English 101 (Moving from ENG 099 to ENG 102)









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