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English 098

English 098 SyllabusSample
English 098 and 099
— Student Memorandum

English 098 focuses on the fundamentals of writing effectively as well as studies in grammar and syntax.  Students will understand the basic requirements for composing college-level expository writing.  Students will be required to read, understand, and discuss sections from assigned readings.

Required Books

Calabrese, Joseph, and Tchudi, Susan. Diversity: Strength & Struggle. NY: Longman-Pearson. Latest Edition. Print.

Hacker, Diana. A Pocket Style Manual. Latest Edition. Bedford. Print.

English 098 introduces students to the requirements of college-level expository writing. The course emphasizes the process involved in composing acceptable college-level texts. The main objectives learned in the course are:

  • Given a prompt, students will be able to develop and revise sentences that create well-developed paragraphs in effective academic English, in a timely manner.
  • Read a variety of short texts, suitable for college, and recognize and explain content, audience, and purpose.

These objectives aim to develop the writing skills needed for success in college and in the world after college.

The writing assignments will consist of formal and informal writing assignments. Students will write a minimum of six graded compositions of varying length and at least three composed in class.  Students will focus on the depth and content of ideas, the rhetorical organization of the writing assignment and the use of Standard Academic English.

All ENG 098 students must put in 13 hours at the Writing Lab in Dickey Hall. If a student scores 80% on the post test administered at midterm, that student has the option of attending the writing lab in the second half of the semester.

Portfolios for advanced students: When the professor believes a student has been “misplaced” into English 098, the professor may inform the student of the option of submitting a portfolio containing a minimum of four graded compositions and a letter of recommendation from the professor.  In order to be eligible, a student must maintain a grade of B+ at mid-term.  Portfolio will be submitted to a special committee of English Department faculty.  If the committee members concur with the recommendation, the student will be advanced. 







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