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The State of Pennsylvania requires that ALL persons who interact with students in schools must have the following clearances:

  • TB Test
  • PA Criminal Record Check
  • PA Child Abuse Clearance
  • FBI Fingerprinting

TB Testing can be administered by your doctor or The Office of Health Services, Cresson Hall, 1st floor. 
Office Hours:  9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. (Monday-Friday)
Telephone:  484-365-7338 and 484-365-7327. 
Fax:  484-365-7287, (610) 436–2509, for that information.

Tuberculosis Vaccine:  $20.00 each
Tuberculosis Reading:    No Charge

Note: School districts hosting early field students and student teachers want to see a TB Report issued within the year they begin their school district assignment.  School district requirements take precedence over University policy. Never retest until after the ‘Date Read’ of any previous TB reports. You do not have to have another TB test for a later field class unless you are placed in an early childhood daycare setting, which requires the TB to be done every two years.
Criminal Record Check This clearance is mandatory for all field experience students and student teachers.  This clearance is good for ONE YEAR from the date of issue.  Students must maintain current documents and renew clearances before they expire! Cost $10. Can be completed online or by printing the Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Record Check and mailing.

Child Abuse This clearance is mandatory for all field experience students and student teachers.  This clearance is good for ONE YEAR from the date of issue.  NOTE: The turn-around time for processing this clearance is up to 6 weeks. Cost $10 money order payable to Department of Public Welfare. Clearance requests and money order must be mailed to the Department of Public Welfare. Print the pdf version of the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance by clicking the link.

FBI Fingerprinting Background Check Before visiting one of the fingerprinting sites, register online using debit/credit card or by phone, payment accepted at site using a money order or cashiers check payable to 'Cogent Systems'. The fee for the fingerprinting service is $33. Additionally, when registering, in order to better facilitate your placement with a school district, you must request a paper copy of your fingerprint report. The paper copy fee is $2.50.
Registration and Information: http://www.pa.cogentid.com Click on the PDE icon and continue.
Keep the originals of your clearances. The Education Department keeps a copy of all submitted clearance in your student file.
Students must provide copies of all clearances in your student file.
Please be aware that school districts require students to obtain and possess “current’ Child Abuse, Criminal History, and FBI Fingerprint. “Current” is defined as being issued no earlier than one year prior to the last day of the semester. A TB test should be done within 3 months of the first field and be current at the time of student teaching. School Districts will not accept a TB report that is older (see 'date read' on report) than one year of the student teacher's first day. 

Lincoln University, Education Department
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