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The blog tool allows you to share information on topics and interests. The blog tool is similar to a journal and you can share and comment on other students posts.


You can access an on-line calendar through the Schedule tool. Available on the My Home and My Course pages, the Schedule tool allows you to set reminders and view important dates and activities that your instructor created.


The Chat tools allow you to communicate via text while on-line at the same time. Using the D2L Chat tool, you can hold private chats with other students or instructors in your courses.


The Checklist tool allows your instructor to give you the steps for a specific process. Then you can't check off each step of the process as it is completed.


The Classlist provides a list of students and instructors currently enrolled in a a course.


The Content Tool is where course materials can be found.


The Discussions tool can be used for online discussions between you and other students and/or your instructor.


The Dropbox tool is an electronic storage space for documents you will be submitting to your instructor. Submissions are date and time stamped.


The Grades tool allows you to view your grade for the course.


The Locker is an electronic storage area for you to store your stuff. You can upload and download files from your home or dorm computer and use them in D2L or transfer them from one computer to another. Only the owner of the locker can view its contents unless you mark the file as public.


The Pager allows D2L users to page each other by sending a short text message. The next time that the person being paged enters the course, the pager will flash and beep that a message is waiting.


The quiz tool is where your instructor will post quizzes and homework assignments.





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