WPP Annual Calendar 2018-19


  • All incoming students are informed of the WPP requirement in their orientation and their freshman admission paperwork. 


  • All students should receive an email from the WPP faculty explaining the WPP requirement for graduation.
  • Juniors should receive a message from the Department in which they are majoring reminding them that their portfolios will be reviewed in November. All juniors also receive an email from WPP faculty reminding them of the upcoming deadline.


  • Departments begin to evaluate the juniors’/seniors’ portfolios. Departments inform all juniors/seniors of their status – met expectations or did not meet expectations and advise them of what they need to submit their revised portfolios.  Departments report these results to the Registrar’s office and to the Director of the WPP/WID Program
  • Junior and Senior Portfolios due: Nov 16—Feb 15
  • Portfolio Review by departments: Feb 18—March 15th 


  • All departments should remind their majors about the requirements for the departmental writing portfolio. (Depending upon when they declare the major, all students should receive at least one such reminder before the junior year.)
  • Whenever a student declares a major:  he/she should be given a paper statement of the department’s procedures for assembling the writing portfolio and a paper copy of the rubric by which the portfolio will be evaluated.

February to March

  • Reporting of portfolio results to students and the WPP faculty: No Later than March 18th. Students who have not passed the portfolio requirement are directed to meet with the WPP Director or go to the Writing and Reading Center to work on their portfolio revision. 


  • Student submit their revised portfolios to their department chairs no later than April 12th.