Supervisor Information Board–Student Employment


Hiring Students to Work in Your Department

  • Interested in hiring students with Federal Work Study?  Don't have departmental funds to hire student employees?  If yes, click here and follow these steps!
  • Do you have funds to pay a student employee?  Will your office use departmental funds or grant funds to pay for position?  If yes, click here and follow these steps!
  • During summer break, Office of Student Support Services sent an email notifying departments to submit names of returning students they want to be awarded FWS funds.  Did your office submit names to Office of Student Support Services?  Now, are you ready to begin the process to hire them?  If yes, click here and follow these steps!


Job Posting Forms

​Not interested in posting the job for all students to apply?  Will you identify students on your own to apply for position?  If yes, simply complete the Job Vacancy Announcement form and at top right corner write "DO NOT POST."


Track Student Hours



My student employee did not get paid this month.  What should I do?

  • Did you receive the "yellow" copy of student's contractual agreement before he or she began work? If no, student may not have finished all required steps to begin working.  Failure to complete all necessary steps prior to working will result in nonpayment of hours worked.  Email Dr. Manley to determine student's employment status.  
  • Did you receive a time sheet from Payroll?  If no, contact Payroll to determine if student clocked in/out throughout the month. If you received a time sheet, did you submit the student's time sheet to payroll on time?  Payroll requires all time sheets to be signed and submitted to their office each month.  Deadline date varies each month.  Contact Payroll department to verify.  

How should I keep track of my student employee hours?  

We recommend you require your student to complete a paper time sheet.  Feel free to use Bi-Monthly Time and Attendance Form to help track your students hours.

In addition to the manual time sheet, you can also keep track of your students hours for entire semester by using Excel. Find sample above under "Track Student Hours."

How do I know how much my student employee has earned to date?

It is the Supervisor's responsibility to keep track of their student employee's hours.  You can use a variety of software tools to assist you.  Find sample above under "Track Student Hours."

I want to hire a student.  How do I verify he or she has federal work study?

All students under Federal Work Study will receive an FWS Authorization Card after the complete the necessary steps.  Click here to view steps


Supervisor Orientation

Supervisor Orientation Online Quiz – (For Department Supervisors only)

  • Take Online Orientation Quiz
  • You must enter your name, email address, & phone extension.
  • Quiz is password protected.  Enter password listed within the memo sent by Student Employment Program Office.  Password must be entered in ALL CAPS.
  • You must pass quiz with at least an 80%.
  • You must print certificate issued upon passing quiz.  Send copy of certificate to Student Employment Office.