Student Employee Code of Conduct

  • Absenteeism & Tardiness:  If you are unable to report to work as scheduled or if you will be late for work, you must notify your supervisor no later than 30 minutes after your scheduled start time. Three (3) or more consecutive absences or late arrivals are grounds for termination.
  • Dress Attire:  As an employee of the University, you are expected to exhibit an appropriate style of dress when you report to work each day. Check with your supervisor about the dress code for your department.
  • Confidentiality:  It is imperative that you act in a professional manner when dealing with confidential University records and other information that comes to you by virtue of your work.  Failure to do so is grounds for termination from the Student Employment Program.
  • Appropriate Behavior:  It is expected for you to conduct yourself in a courteous and professional manner when interacting with department faculty, staff, students, and visitors to the office.
  • Telephone Etiquette:  All calls should be answered promptly and courteously.  Check with your supervisor for the specific greeting to be used.
  • Telephone Usage:  All telephone calls are to be restricted to University business purposes only unless prior approval is given by your supervisor.
  • Computer Usage:  Use of computers and all its components (internet, e-mail, etc) is restricted to University business purposes only.
  • Time Clock: You must clock in each time you report to work and clock-out each time you depart.  Time clock abuse (clocking in when you're not at work or staying on the clock after you've left work) may be grounds for termination from the Student Employment Program. See time clock locations and procedures.
  • Work & Class Schedule:  You must schedule your work hours around your class schedule.  You are not permitted to work during the hours you should be in class. Periodic audits will be made to ensure compliance.