Nursing Program FAQs

Is there a difference between pre-nursing and nursing?

Yes, you are considered an undeclared/pre-nursing student if you have not completed the pre-nursing courses, passed the pre-admission Kaplan exam, applied to the nursing program and been formally accepted into the nursing program.  If you would like to be an undeclared pre-nursing student you must fill out the “Intent to Major Form” (this form is in the nursing department).  Once you complete the form you will then be assigned a nursing advisor.

How do I apply to the Nursing Program?

The Nursing Department has an application that is available in the department and online. 


When do I apply to the Nursing Program?

You apply to the nursing program once you have completed or are near completion of all the required pre-requisite courses (an outline of these courses is available in the nursing department and online).


Where and how do I take the pre-admission Kaplan exam?

  • You may register to schedule the Kaplan exam at the main nursing office or contact Ms. Diane Neikam.
  • A $30 fee for the exam is to be made prior to the date of testing. It can be in the form of cash, check or money order payable to: LNP and sent to Ms. Neikam
  • Select testing dates and times will be posted. Once payment a received you will receive a ticket for your assigned test date and time.
  • The KAPLAN exam is the required admission test for our nursing school.
  • You will have up to 3 hours to complete the 4 sections of the test. These sections include math, reading, science, and critical thinking.
  • Calculators cannot be brought into the test; however, one is available for you to use on the computer during the math section of the test.
  • There is a study guide available for purchase if you so desire to prepare for the test: Kaplan. (2012, Aug.) Nursing School Entrance Exams (5th Ed., ISBN: 9781603786724). Kaplan Test Prep available from Amazon and other sites online at various prices (used texts are fine and much more reasonable) 


What score do I need on the pre-admission Kaplan exam to be accepted into the Nursing Program?

The Kaplan exam score requirement is 67%, however individual scores are determined by the admissions committee within the nursing program.


Is there a limit to the number of times I can take the pre-admission Kaplan exam?

No, there is no limit to the number of times you can take the Kaplan exam.


When can I declare a Nursing Major?

You may declare a nursing major once you have formally been accepted into the nursing program.  You must complete the Major Declaration form (this can be found online or in the registrar’s office).  You can and should let the nursing office know that you intend to apply to the nursing program by completing the “Intent to Major” form.  The Intent to Major form can be retrieved from the Nursing program office and the University advisement office or from this link


How many students are you accepting into the program each year?

The Nursing Department is able to take a maximum of 35 pre-licensure students for each level/ per year.


If I am transferring into Lincoln as a junior and I am interested in the nursing program, do I apply to both Lincoln University and the Nursing Department?

Yes, you must apply to both the University and the Nursing Program.


Must all the pre-requisites need to be finished prior to starting the Nursing Program?

Yes, you must complete all pre-requisite courses before you can begin the Nursing Program.


Can I start the Nursing Program in the spring?

Traditional nursing students can only start in the fall semester and all courses must be taken as outlined in the undergraduate curriculum.  RN to BSN students may start the program in the fall or spring semesters.


Is the Nursing Program Accredited?

Our program is accredited  by the CCNE accrediting organization, and  licensed by the PA State BON.


Do I have to have a 3.0 in my science pre-requisite courses?

Yes, you must have a 3.0 GPA in your science courses and a 2.76 overall GPA.


How many years is the Nursing program?

The pre-nursing program is 2 years of pre-requisite courses (64 credits), if the curriculum is taken exactly as outlined. The nursing program is 2 years of nursing courses. You will spend a minimum of 4 years in the program, if you are a traditional BSN student. You will spend a minimum of 2 years in the program, if you are a transfer pre-licensure student or RN to BSN student.


For more information contact:

Ms. Diane Neikam – Phone: 484-365-7497

Ms. Dana Wallace – Phone: 484-365-7712