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Official University Logo: Modified Seal

Do not stretch, distort or alter the following logos in any way. A buffer zone of at least one-third of the height of the Lincoln logo should appear between the logo and any other design element. Note: A buffer zone larger than one-third of the height of the logo is preferred.

To obtain the Athletics logos, please visit the Athletics website.


Official University Colors



18     42     109


100, 94, 28, 17



249    107     7


0, 72, 100, 0


Process Black

Communicating Effectively at Lincoln University

The Office of Communications and Public Relations wants to be sure you have the right tools to help you effectively communicate the Lincoln brand as you begin your job. We've created this helpful guide to assist you transition into your new role.

Lincoln University Effective Communication Guide

Style Guide

All materials produced by university units should adhere to the guidelines set forth in the university Style Guide.

Lincoln University Style Guide


Stock Campus Photos

Making a flyer, brochure, PowerPoint, or report? We’ve put together some of our favorite campus and people photos into two online albums. Want your University webpage to have new photos? Choose photos to give your materials a fresh, customized look. Photos are on Flickr and linked in the footer of every webpage. Albums “Campus” and “People of Lincoln University” are convenient. Having trouble downloading photos from Flickr? View this helpful graphic

Official University Boilerplate Language

Founded in 1854, Lincoln University (PA) is the first of four Lincoln universities in the world and is the nation’s first degree-granting Historically Black College and University (HBCU).  Lincoln offers a diverse student body of approximately 2,200 men and women more than 35 liberal arts and science-based undergraduate programs and select graduate programs to meet the needs of those living in a highly technological and global society. The University possesses an international reputation for preparing and producing world-class leaders such as Langston Hughes '29, the noted poet; Thurgood Marshall '30, the first African American U.S. Supreme Court Justice; Nnamdi Azikiwe '30, the first president of Nigeria; Kwame Nkrumah '39, the first president of Ghana; Lillian Fishburne '71, the first African American woman promoted to rear admiral in the U.S. Navy; Sheila Oliver ’74, the lieutenant governor of New Jersey;  Saara Kuugongelwa '94, the first female prime minister of Namibia; and a myriad of others.

Official University Social Media Sites

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Comprehensive list of University Social Media Sites


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