ATS Services

ATS Services are the heart of our campus support, and include Classroom learning, hybrid learning (online and classroom), and distance learning.  Educational technology systems and services supported by ATS include Moodle Learning Management System, Zoom and Skype, workshops, one-on-one help, and learning events in the Faculty Technology Lab, audio-visual and graphics services, and technical and pedagogical consulting.

Apple Product Consulting & Troubleshooting  

ATS will delve into your Macintosh computer problems, whether they are hardware or software problems, and make every effort to solve them on the spot, efficiently, quickly and courteously. Occasionally we must work with your computer in our office or arrange to have it repaired off-site.

Classroom Technology Support

All of our classrooms and lecture rooms have presentation technology in place which includes computers, projection or interactive isplay panels, interactive Smartboards or screens, sound and controls. Some classrooms also have document cameras, multiple boards, annotation boards, and dedicated distance learning equipment. Our policy is to respond quickly to problems. Let us know immediately if you have a problem.

Equipment Loans

A variety of audio-visual equipment is available for short-term loan by faculty, students and staff. Review our lending policies and procedures on the link above.

Graphics Services

  • Desktop Publishing – We produce handbooks, brochures, newsletters, programs, flyers, tickets, small signs, name tags, and certificates.
  • Traditional Graphics Services –  Lamination is available with prior notice. Poster board, flip chart pads, construction paper, stencils, bulletin board paper, and other supplies are also
  • Digital Imaging & Scanning – Faculty, staff and students can borrow digital cameras and digital camcorders. ATS staff will help you to use the scanners in the Student Multimedia Stations and Faculty Technology Lab. We will assist you in scanning and resizing images which can then be used in publications, presentations, or on web pages.

Instructional & Technical Consulting

ATS provides consultation and assistance to faculty, students and staff in the following:

  • integrating technology in instruction
  • best practices in using Moodle to teach online
  • lending and using equipment - we will show you how to use the equipment you borrow.
  • producing technology-based projects
  • planning and designing facilities for optimum technology use
  • offering and coordinating faculty workshops and other training
  • using social media
  • using Moodle for online and distance learning
  • using Google for collaboration
  • one-on-one training
  • departmental and individual tutoring
  • gathering information related to technology-use issues

The staff will also assist in designing, improving and troubleshooting audio-visual systems, such as sound systems and videoconferencing, and provide equipment recommendations.

Moodle Support

Moodle is highly customizable has tools for teaching online courses, storing and managing course materials, collaborating on documents and projects, and assessing the success of students and courses. All courses have a Moodle presence and are integrated with the student information system accessible via WebAdviser.  Workshops, one-on-one help and an online course in teaching online are available through ATS. Contact us with your questions about course design, instructional design services, training and workshops in use of moodle, one-on-one help.

Video Services

A variety of digital video services for instructional use and special events are supported, including video recording, playback, duplicating, and editing, and analog to digital conversion. 

Web Conferencing, Zoom, Skype 

 Zoom and Skype are our web conferencing platforms for web meetings, interviews, webinars and e-learning.They allow faculty and staff to connect with colleagues and students in live, virtual meetings in 116 Library, conference rooms, and other learning spaces. These services are provided with a completed ATS Request Form.

Workshops, One-on-one Help, & Other Faculty Learning Services & Events 

The Faculty Technology Lab is located on the first floor of the Library and is used for training, meeting, web conferenceing, and working with Smart technology. Faculty and staff may also reserve the lab for your use. Contact ATS for more information, ext. 7888