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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my rights if I am accused of a Code of Conduct violation? Be notified in writing of the charges against you with sufficient detail and time to prepare for a hearing.
What happens if I am charged with a Conduct Code violation? Upon receiving notice that you have allegedly committed a violation, you must report to your hearing by the timeframe given to you in your notification. At your hearing you will have the opportunity to discuss the facts and evidence that support your case.  See page 58 of SHB
Can I appeal the decision that is reached? Appeals must be made in writing to the Dean of Students or the VP of Student Affairs, within three days of the decision of the Judicial Hearing Officer. For further details see page 59 of SHB.
What are the penalties if I am found responsible for a violation? If you are found responsible one or more of the following sanctions may be imposed: Verbal Warning, Written Warning, Conduct Probation, Suspension, Expulsion, Dismissal from Student Employment, Expulsion from Campus, Payment of Damages, Community Service and/or other appropriate educational sanctions.
Will the hearing be recorded? A tape recording is made of formal hearings before the Officer.
What types of hearing recordings are kept? Disciplinary records, including correspondence and official records are maintained in the Dean of Students Office.
Can I be charged for a violation of the Student Conduct Code that took place off campus? Yes. Students at the Lincoln University are responsible for certain actions committed off campus.
Whom do I contact if I have further questions? You may contact the Dean of Students Office at 484-365-7253 in room 225 of the Student Union Building for more information.




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