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Student D2L Log-in Instructions

Dear Student,

Welcome to Desire2Learn at Lincoln University.

Desire2Learn, also known as D2L, is a web-based system for communicating with your professor and fellow
students and for accessing your course materials.

There are several things you need to know in order to get started.

You Must Be Registered in the Course

You and your courses are activated in D2L based on your official registration with the Registrar’s Office.
Your professor cannot add you to D2L. Please make sure your registrations are correct.

Preparing to Use Desire2Learn

You must use a computer that is connected to the Internet. You can connect in one of these four ways:
1) in your dorm room through an ethernet connection;
2) on one of the campus wireless systems, LionNet (recommended) and LU OpenAccess — go to IT, 251 Dickey Hall for
help in setting up your secure access to LionNet;
3) in any computer lab on campus; and
4) from home, if you can access the Internet from home.

Logging in to Desire2Learn — Your Username and Password

Go to and click on the Desire2Learn link under QuickLinks in the top right. You will be
taken to the D2L log in page.

Please click on the “Perform a System Check” link to make sure you have the right browser to work with D2L.

You have an individual Username and Password, which you should NEVER share with anyone. No Lincoln University
staff member has the right or need to ask for your password. Those of us that need to gain access to your account
to help you can do so without it.

Your Username and Password are the same as your Lincoln e-mail username and password. Desire2Learn will not
recognize another e-mail address. Your Lincoln e-mail account is set up when you register.

Your Username is firstname.lastname.
Your Password is your SSN. If you do not have an SSN, you will use your 7-digit Colleague (WebAdvisor) ID number.

REMEMBER to change your password in the E-mail system.

You will be taken to your Desire2Learn page and a list of your D2L courses.

Getting Help

For help with your Username and Password, call the Desire2Learn Helpline, ext. 7840, or 1-800-340-5462.
For help with your course materials or with how to use D2L once you have logged in, please see your professor
or check Student Resources on the D2L resources website,

Please visit the Lincoln University D2L resources pages for more information at

We wish you the very best year – learn, grow, enjoy!

The Desire2Learn Team, Information Technology and Academic Technology Support







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