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:: Quick D2L Instructions for Students

How to Submit a Document to the Dropbox

1. Click "Dropbox" on top menu bar (Need more info on this? Click here.)

2. Click on the Folder Topic your instructor has created (this may be the name of the assignment)

3. Click "Add a File"

4. In the pop-up window note that "My Computer" is selected on the left. Select "Browse" to find your file and click "Upload." Check to see that you file is listed under "Add a File"

5. Add a comment if you like

6. Click "Submit." You will see your upload results. A confirmation will be sent.

Using E-Mail

You can only send and receive email within Desire2Learn, so you need to log in to check messages.


D2L Help Line:

Ext. 7840 or 1-800-340-5462












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