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:: Quick Instructions for Faculty

How to Move the Content of Your Master Course to the Current Semester

The Master Course is your course template. At the end of the semester, move content back to the MC if you crfeated content in your semester course. Students and grades will not be moved.

How to Set up a Dropbox:

1. Click on "Dropbox" on the top menu

2. Select "New Folder"

3. In the New Folder box, give the folder a name. You may assign the folder to a category, use an existing category or skip category. If this submission is to be graded, you can set up a New Grade Item here. *

4. Include instructions in the text box. If you have instructions prepared, select "Add a File" under Attached Files.

5. You can set submission options such as limiting the number of submissions you will accept.

6. Click "Save." Students will now see submission folders when they click on "Dropbox"

7. Select "Folder Submissions" control and view students and their files.

For Students: How to Submit a Document to the Dropbox

1. Click "Dropbox" on top menu bar

2. Click on the Folder Topic your instructor has created (this may be the name of the assignment)

3. Click "Add a File"

4. In the pop-up window note that "My Computer" is selected on the left. Select "Browse" to find your file and click "Upload." Check to see that you file is listed under "Add a File"

5. Add a comment if you like

6. Click "Submit." You will see your upload results. A confirmation will be sent.

Using D2L E-Mail

Desire2Learn email is internal, meaning you cannot use it to recive email from your non-D2L students. You can use your classlist to send and receive e-mail within the class or you can use the email icon at the top of your home page to access names and addresses.












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