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How to Move the Content of Your Master Course to the Current Semester

Step 1: Requesting a Course

Request a course in Desire2Learn by sending an e-mail to Nancy Evans in ATS at

Always include the COURSE NAME, NUMER, and SECTION. (Unless you state otherwise, we will assume your course is for the next semester.) The first time you request a course you will have set up a Master Course (your course template) and the course for the upcoming semester, i.e., BIO xxx, SPR 2050.

You need torequest a D2L course for each new semester, but your Master Course will always be your template.

Step 2: Logging in

Log into Desire2Learn from this site's home page. Desire2Learn link is on the LU home page.

Your username and password are the same as your Lincoln e-mail username and password. If you change your password in Lincoln e-mail, it will automatically change your password in D2L.

When you haved logged in, you will see your MyHome page and a link to MyCourses. On MyCourses you will see your Master Courses, specific semester courses, and the Faculty Lounge where you can share ideas, ask questions, and find help and resources.

Step 3: Using the Master Course as a Template

The Master Course (MC) is the template for your course and will always be available from year to year. Create your course, edit and add content to the MC, then transfer the content to your semster course (how to below). Once the MS has content, you only have to edit.

Please take a look at Faculty Support on this site for instructional guides. If you would like to work in a self-paced tutorial on using D2L tools, please contact Nancy Evans (x8148, or Brenda Snider (x7355,

Step 4: How the Registrar is Involved

When you request a course, the Registrar's Office is notified that it is a D2L course and your course will be coded as a D2L course in Colleague (WebAdvisor). You and your registered students will see it appear on your “MyCourses” page in D2L as a current semester course, i.e., Fall 2050.

The Master Course can not be seen by students.

Step 5: Create a "Live" Course

To make your current semester course "live" for your students, you will move the content of your Master Course to your current semster course. For every MC you have, you will have a live course in the current semester.

Go to and follow the instructions to move all materials from your Master Course to your current semester D2L course. Your students only see the current semester course, not the Master Course.

Step 6: Editing Your Course

Make changes or additions to your live course and move the contents back to the Master Course at the end of the semester for future use.

Your student information will not move to the Master Course.

Step 7: Getting Help

You will find resources to help you use D2L tools and expand your class on the Lincoln D2L website,

Included are short videos showing how to do simple functions in D2L, such as how to add content, how to re-order content, how to use e-mail, how to make quizzes.

Use the Faculty Lounge in Desire2Learn to ask questions and share your ideas. It is automatically added to all faculty MyCourses page in D2L.










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