You are required to prepare class presentation focusing on status of human rights in the country of your choice. Before you select a country, make sure to do all of the following. First, check the list of countries already selected by other students. Second, visit the following Web sites Country Studies, World Factbook, State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices and Human Rights Reports in the UN System and do your research. Third, check some other sites listed below for any additional information, current news headlines or events you may want to include in your presentation. You may expand your research and explore Web sites not listed below if you determine that they may serve your needs and/or satisfy your interest. Remember that quality and extent of your research are factors that most influence the quality of your presentation. As soon as you select the country, you may send me an email, leave a voice mail message, or simply inform me about your choice before or after class.

You are encouraged to focus on regions and nations with history of human rights abuse (authoritarian regimes, countries in conflict and countries in transition). The following are the countries that fit that description, so you may want to chose one of them: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Ghana, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Liberia, Libya, Mexico, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Sudan, Turkey, Uganda, Vietnam, Yugoslavia (former), Zaire, Zimbabwe. However, you are allowed freedom to chose any other country for your assignment.

Your primary source of information should be databases, reports, current on-line news releases and other research related material widely available on the Internet. An introductory part of your presentation should provide a brief background information about the selected country, including elements of geographic, demographic, historical, political, and cultural nature. Main part of your presentation should concentrate on human rights practices in a particular country. Length of your presentation should be approximately 20-25 minutes. Please note that the presentation is not a reading assignment and that you are expected to acquire level of knowledge sufficient to enable you to present the material to class audience in your own words.

Evaluation of the oral presentation is based on the following criteria: selection of subject (relevant to assignment, interesting, appropriate level); content and organization (necessary components: introduction, development, supporting material, conclusion); language (clarity, vividness, grammar correct, oral style); delivery (body control, voice); attitude toward an audience (urge to communicate); the degree to which the class was involved; and overall effectiveness.

The following are Web sites that will assist you in preparing your presentation. However, you may expand your search and explore any other site that may serve your needs and satisfy your interests. Good luck!

Country Listing

Country Studies - Library of Congress

Encyclopedia Britannica - World

World Factbook

Background Information on Countries of the World

Background Information and News Releases for 220 Countries

State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

Human Rights Reports in the UN System

The Ultimate Collection of the World News Links

Human Rights Actions Network - mailing list

Human Rights Internet

Human Rights Library

Concise Guide to Human Rights on the Internet

ASIL Electronic Resource Guide Human Rights

University of Minnesota Human Rights Library

Human Rights Information from Government Sources

Human Rights USA

Human Rights Web

IAIR Issues: Human Rights

United Nations Human Rights Website

The European Human Rights Centre

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