CEBES Faculty Profile: Dr. Oswald H. Richards

o. richards Oswald H. Richards, PhD, MBA, MS
Chair & Professor
Director, MSA Program
Ext.7377, DH 260

Dr. Richards is Chairman and Associate Professor in the Department of Business Administration on the main campus of Lincoln University in Lincoln, Pennsylvania. He is also Director of the Masters of Science in Administration program at the Graduate Center campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Prior to his transition to academia, Dr. Richards was employed as a senior banking and financial services executive at PNC Bank, PA.; Riggs National Bank, Washington, DC; Bank of America, MD.; and Legg Mason Wood Walker, MD.

Dr. Richards also worked as a management and information technology consultant with Bank of America/Keystone Consulting to install information technology systems (integrated smart cards) at 14 U.S. government agencies, including the Federal Reserve System, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, US Trade and Development Agency, National Credit Union Association, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, National Science Foundation, General Accounting Office, Office of Personnel Management, Federal Maritime Agency, and others.

Dr. Richards has broad corporate leadership and management expertise in Trust, investment management and brokerage industries; mergers and acquisitions; conversions and integration; management consulting; project management; job re-engineering; due diligence; product marketing; strategic management; information technology and systems analysis; computer programming; feasibility studies; corporate training and education/development programs; entrepreneurship; and workshop and seminar planning and execution. In addition, Dr. Richards has taught at the kindergarten, middle, and high school levels.

As part of his mergers and acquisitions activity, Dr. Richards managed 10 bank conversions and integration that aggregated several billion dollars. He has also lead and managed corporate departments that aggregated several billion dollars in assets.

Dr. Richards' research interests are in the areas of management, finance, information technology, international business education, and Latin American/Caribbean history. He is also multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary with broad interests in a variety of subjects. Dr. Richards teaches courses in Investments and Finance, Strategic Management, Information Technology and Business Research.

Dr. Richards has traveled extensively in the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America and the Pacific and has very strong academic and geopolitical interests in these regions.

Dr. Richards has an extensive background in information technology and computer programming. He holds a graduate banking diploma from the School for Bank Administration at the University of Wisconsin. He has earned the BS, MS, MBA degrees; and a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Richards also has completed advanced faculty development training at New York University, SAP Institute in Pennsylvania and other locations, and the New York Exchange.