CEBES Student Activities — Clubs — National Association of Black Accountants Inc.


NABA is a nationwide professional association with the primary purpose of developing, encouraging and serving as a resource for greater participation by African-Americans and other minorities in the accounting and finance professions. NABA’s mission is executed at the national and local levels.  Competitive scholarships are awarded to deserving and successful college students to assist in furthering their education.  Over $2.6 million have been awarded since the inception of the association.Regional Student Conferences are held annually at one of the five regions of the US—Central, Eastern, Southern, Southwestern and West Coast.  They focus on career development and placement, as well as preparation for entry into the accounting profession.

At the conferences, students can interview for internships and permanent accounting positions. NABA has a number of publications to keep students and professionals informed about the business world.  One publication in particular “ACHIEVE” is geared towards accounting students.  It keeps students aware of developing issues related to the accounting and finance world.  ACHIEVE is published three times a year.

NABA also conducts the Accounting Career Awareness Program (ACAP), which is a one-week residency program for high school students interested in a career in business.  It is held at a local college or university, the program introduces students to accounting, finance, economics and management through a focused, undergraduate-level program taught by college faculty and guest lectures from business and government.

NABA is a great organization for students to develop leadership skills, to meet students from other universities, to begin building their network and to meet other accounting professionals.   Employers usually seek out NABA student members for possible internships and job opportunities at conferences and conventions.  NABA also offers various scholarships opportunities to its student members.

Accounting faculty and students from the department of Business and Entrepreneurial Studies fully participate in the NABA program activities and initiatives.  Also, graduating seniors who scholastically distinguish themselves in the department’s accounting major are presented with a NABA award.

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