CEBES Mentorpreneurial Program


Lincoln University's Center of Excellence in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies is launching a progressive program that brings together serious entrepreneurial students and successful business professionals. On September 15, 2011 the program will be officially kicked off with a first-ever "Mentorpreneurial Forum" introducing business-minded students to a selected team of prospective mentors. The event will be attended by students with innovative, viable ideas, who will be appropriately matched to mentors to coach and counsel students to help bring their new business ideas to realization.

Mentorpreneurial Forum

Event Flyer

When: Thursday September 15, 2011
What: Lincoln University Mentorpreneurial Forum
Where: International Cultural Center on the Campus Of Lincoln University
When: 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.-Scheduled as follows:

  • Presentations by a selected panel of proven business leaders who will serve as mentors.
  • A Q&A session allowing students to ask the panel any question that may be on their minds.
  • Lunch
  • Breakout sessions where students will be paired with their mentor.
  • Closing session, open discussion and evaluation

Students will come face to face with professionals having a profound understanding and working knowledge of all elements of general business fundamentals. Mentors will serve as role models, providing guidance on business ideas, as well as offer recommendations on a student's career development.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Oswald Richards at 484.365.7377 or Caprice Love at 484.365.7394.

We invite you to be a mentor and truly make a difference in the growth of the school's promising young business students. This is a risk-free investment of your time and promises a return that will be fulfilling and gratifying for both you and Lincoln's students.

Mentorpreneurial Qualifications

  • Has a profound understanding and working knowledge of general business fundamentals
  • Has an understanding of all essential elements of a bona fide business plan and can appreciate the critical importance of a business plan including, but not limited to, forecasting, identifying risks and cash flow expectations
  • Can read and understand basic financial statements
  • Has a practical knowledge of business law
  • Has had executive/senior leadership position in his or her own company or in a corporation whereby he or she was in a position to exercise entrepreneurial-like activities.
  • Has started his or her own business or businesses or participated in doing so
  • Has experience in financing for advancing the company he or she served
  • Has an understanding of marketing, including potential markets, demographics, pricing, positioning/promotion, distribution
  • Has an understanding of product development, which includes fabrication, sourcing and quality control
  • Has an understanding of logistics
  • Has an understanding of human resources issues
  • Has the ability to recognize and communicate new trends in his or her field
  • Has the ability to serve as a role model for students and provide career guidance
  • Has the ability to guide students through the process of idea creation, business incubation, product design and development/prototyping and commercialization
  • Has a fundamental understanding of information technology and how it supports a business