Center of Excellence in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies
Management Major

To provide students with a top quality management education and the proper skill sets and real-life learning experiences for success in the twenty-first century workplace.

Program Goals
To provide ethical values in a learning environment base on professionalism, responsibility, accountability, excellence, trust and respect. Students are encouraged to accept study abroad opportunities and seek qualified internships in business and in industry in management and complementary disciplines.

Student Learner Outcome Goals

  1. Demonstrate understanding of management theories and practice.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency analyzing strategic information and performance data in an organization.
  3. Develop proficiency in using technology applicable to management decision-making.
  4. Apply critical reasoning and strategic thinking to resolve leadership dilemmas.
  5. Identify ethical values and principles used in business.
  6. Develop knowledge of cultural diversity issues within organizations.

Management Major Requirements
Course Course Title Credit
BUS 334 Business Law 3
BUS 441 International Business 3
ETP 320 Entrepreneurship: Launching New Ventures 3
FIN 345 Principles of Investments 3
MGT 343 Leadership 3
MGT 435 Organizational Behavior 3
MGT 437 Human Resources Management 3
MGT 439 Production and Operations Management 3
Total Credits 24

Management Minor Program
CourseCourse TitleCredits
BUS 441International Business3
MGT 343 Leadership 3
MGT 437 Human Resources Management 3
*** *** Any course from the Management major or CEBES Electives 3
*** *** Any course from the Management major or CEBES Electives 3
Total Credits 15