Entrepreneurship Mentor Leexan Hong

Leexan Hong received his Bachelor's in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania. He later also received his Master's in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. Leexan served as a student teacher and volunteer track & field coach at the West Philadelphia for a year.

Leexan Hong began his career in marketing 6 years ago for Cardinal Health Healthcare Marketing Services. As an Account Manager for Cardinal Health, Leexan worked with his clients to develop strategic marketing solutions to reach their target markets, and oversaw continuing medical education and patient education program accounts that totaled over $5 million. In 2004, Leexan began X-Marketing as a full-service marketing agency that provided research-based strategic marketing solutions. In 2007, he changed the name of the company to CTE Healthcare Communications to reflect the company's focus on patient and caregiver communications. Since 2004, Leexan has also started a number of other businesses in a variety of industries including a drive through coffee kiosk in Harrisburg, PA; a real estate development corporation, and most recently an e-commerce site selling custom golf bags.

Leexan is a member of the American Marketing Association and also sits on the Board of Directors for the Christian Street YMCA, the first predominantly African-American YMCA to own its own building. He also serves as a mentor to several entrepreneurs that are just starting their businesses.