Center of Excellence in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies Brings Trading Room Capabilities to Lincoln University's Main Campus

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY, PA — Recognized for its core disciplines of accounting, finance and management infused with entrepreneurship and Information technology, the Business and Entrepreneurial Studies (CEBES) Center of Excellence is now competitively repositioned to provide real-world experience that exposes business and non-business students to the most comprehensive real time electronic global financial media, data products and services.

Located on the main campus in southern Chester County, Pa., the CEBES Center of Excellence has designated Dickey Hall 240 for students to execute the functions of a financial investor, investment portfolio manager, securities trader and securities analyst in a simulated environment.

Students who study in the Center's trading facilities obtain real-time news from two NEC 46" full HD LCD televisions linked to the campus cable television network. The state-of-the-art televisions are channeled to CNBC and Bloomberg networks for news feeds that inform and influence global financial markets, institutions and geopolitical issues.

An 8' Translux LED electronic ticker, running "Eye Candy" software, displays real-time equity pricing updates, news and events. Professors deliver instruction and conduct workshops using circuitry that integrates Extron VGA, Extron USB switcher station, desktop/laptop and Smartboard presentation technologies.

An Extron TPL350 MV 3.5" wall-mounted control panel permits Instructors to monitor and manipulate the integrated presentation technologies. Four Bose 16" full-range auditory speakers enhance instructional delivery and presentations.

In the rear of Dickey Hall 240 are smart terminals, which were donated by Bloomberg LP. Using Bloomberg Professional Service, students can monitor and analyze financial market data movements, perform financial analytics, execute simulated trades using the electronic trading platform and become a Bloomberg certified professional. Students are also able to use the equipment in an environment similar to that of a finance professional, who is shopping for comprehensive financial information.

Dr. Oswald Richards, chairman of the Center, and business faculty members are excited about the possibilities that the trading platform provides for students. "The goal is to fast track students into the professions with the knowledge, skills and competencies they need to compete as successful leaders, managers and entrepreneurs," Dr. Richards said. "This trading platform will give students real-world, hands-on exposure to the dynamic, integrated and innovative global marketplace."