CEBES Faculty Profile: Dr. Ganga P. Ramdas

Dr. Ganga P. Ramdas, PhD (Economics), MA (Economics), MS (Accounting and Taxation)
Ext. 7376, DH 272

Fields of Study and Degrees
Economic Theory, Econometrics, Public Finance, International Trade, Accounting and Taxation, Business Finance
PhD Economics, 1992 Temple University
MS Taxation, 1987 Temple University
MA Economics, 1973 University of Windsor, Ontario
B.Soc.Sc, 1969 University of Guyana

Employment History
Professor Lincoln University - 1983- to current. On leave January 1995-August 1997
Project Director 2002-03-Summer Transportation Institute.
Assistant to Executive Director Brazil - January 1995--August 1997: International Monetary Fund, Executive Board.
Adjunct Professor (1987-1995)-Wilmington College, graduate MBA program. Taught Managerial Economics and the Economics and Financial Environment of Business
Data Base Manager -1982-83. AT&T Long Lines, Service Cost, and Rates Department, Piscataway, New Jersey.
Economist, Division Chief - 1970-71, 1973-77. Research Department, Central Bank of Guyana.
Research Assistant to Dr. Charles Freedman - 1973. Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Canada.


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