A Message from the Director Dr. Oswald Richards

Welcome to the Center of Excellence in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies.

Our motto is "Building Leaders, Managers and Entrepreneurs for the Global Marketplace".

We accomplish these objectives by:

  • Delivering a rigorous portfolio of interdisciplinary business courses that are integrated with liberal arts, humanities and natural sciences.
  • Exposing students to qualified professors with academic, professional and clinical experience in their field.
  • Providing an intellectually stimulating environment in technology-enriched classrooms that enhances students' learning experiences as they are prepared with knowledge, skills and abilities for the global marketplace.
  • Encouraging students to leverage their native abilities, informed by transdisciplinary instruction, to foster a climate of entrepreneurialism.

CEBES's degrees in Accounting, Finance, Information Technology and Management:

  • Are designed for the enterprising student
  • Prepare students for the job market
  • Target key jobs in the professions
Study with the Center of Excellence in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies!