Center of Excellence in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies
Core Courses

Common University Core Requirements

Course Course TitleCredits
FYE 101First Year Experience3
SOS 151African American Experience3
Social SciencesSelect 26
ECO 201 or 202 Prin. of Micro/Macroeconomics3
EDU 201 or 202 Intro to Education/Educational Psych3
HIS 103 20th Century History3
POL 101 Intro to Political Science3
PSY 101 General Psychology3
SOC 101 Intro to Sociology3
Health WellnessHPR 101: Wellness22-3
HPR 103: Fitness (Walking/Conditioning)1
HumanitiesART 201 or MUS 20039
REL 200 or PHL 2003
ENG 207 or ENG 208
English CompositionENG 10136
ENG 1023
MathematicsMAT 114 Elementary Statistics I3
Natural SciencesBIO 101/161 or higher7-8
CHE 100/160 or higher
PHY 101/161 or higher
GSC 101/161, 102/162
Total Credits39-41

FYE 101 - Must be taken in the freshman year.

Social Sciences courses must be taken after EDU 101 and ENG 101.

Health Wellness courses: all freshmen will be tested for BMI and cardiovascular fitness. Students who do not meet the minimum criteria will be required to complete HPR 103.

ART 201 or MUS 200 and REL 200 or PHL 200 must be taken after ENG 102.

ENG 207 must be taken after ENG 102.

Mathematics course must be MAT 110 or higher. CEBES students will take MAT 114.

Business and Entrepreneurial Studies Core Curriculum

Course Course Title Credits
ACC 203 Principles of Accounting I 3
ACC 204 Principles of Accounting II 3
ECO 201/202 Principles of Macroeconomics or Microeconomics 3
FIN 341 Financial Management 3
MAT 120 Calculus for Life Science and Social Science Majors 3
MGT 306 Quantitative Methods for Management 3
MGT 335 Principles of Management 3
MKT 337 Principles of Marketing 3
Total Credits 24

A student may be required to take foundation Mathematics courses (MAT 104/106/110) prior to completing MAT 120.