Center of Excellence in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies

The Center of Excellence in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies is committed to delivering the highest level of academic excellence to students by excellent instructors who use the best available information technologies and equipment. As a Center dedicated to optimizing quality education in the accounting and finance disciplines, enhanced with information technology and entrepreneurship, the department aligns the institutional mission of Lincoln University with the academic interests of the students and the demands of its constituents in the global marketplace. The intent is to educate and advance the development of students with a depth of real-world, practical and theoretical knowledge that ensures their post-graduate successes. The Center intends to support, mentor and develop outstanding student leaders who will leverage their acquired knowledge, skills and competencies to realize their full potential in high-demand career opportunities. It is expected that leading organizational enterprises, influential stakeholders and constituencies will recruit our highly-educated, experientially-trained students. It is our intent to earn our designation as a Center of Excellence where exciting, innovative advances in fundamental and applied business knowledge is delivered and fostered.

Elements of a CEBES Education

  1. An expansive body of theoretical and applied knowledge with thorough student preparation in the principal disciplines and sub-specialties of Accounting, Finance and Management infused with Entrepreneurship and Information Technologies for real-world applicability in the global marketplace.
  2. Delivery of transdisciplinary epistemology with an overarching imperative to unite and integrate the humanities, liberal arts and sciences with business to produce a holistic graduate with leadership, managerial and entrepreneurial skills for competitive transition into the public and private sectors.
  3. Exposure to skilled professors with academic, theoretical, clinical and professional credentials who possess discipline-specific currency to deliver cutting-edge, contemporary and post-modernist instruction in their field.
  4. An enriching and nourishing academic environment that encourages students to utilize cognitive abilities to acquire and demonstrate subject-discipline mastery, extend the boundaries of, and reconstitute, knowledge for occupational and post-graduate successes.
  5. Co-curricular student activities in discipline-specific clubs, project management initiatives, internship and cooperative education experiences, national competitions and corporate offsite campus visitations that provide valuable teamwork, leadership, management skills and practitioner networks, which augment the academic experiences.
  6. An active and expansive study abroad program that fosters international, intercultural and foreign language connectivity beyond the frontier of American academic silos and the contours of domestic economic, financial and political systems.
  7. State-of-the-art laboratories equipped with information technologies for entrepreneurial innovation, experimentation, business incubation and commercialization.
  8. Service to the Lincoln community and external constituency that promotes civic engagement and inspires social and philanthropic activism, which strategically contributes to the betterment of mankind.
  9. Research that merits in-depth investigation of contemporary or futuristic topics, utilizing all of the tools of scholarly research, which yields experimental/practical solutions and/or reinterpretation of conventional assumptions that undergird existent infrastructures.
  10. Electronically-mediated (e-learning, distance learning, etc.) courses that target disparate and unconventional student populations who prefer digital instructional delivery.