Business and Entrepreneurial Studies (CEBES) is one of the largest university programs and offers major/minor programs in Accounting, Finance, Information Technology and Management and minors in Economics and Entrepreneurship. It attracts students from the major Northeastern metropolitan areas of Pennsylvania, New York, Washington, DC, Maryland, Delaware, contiguous and distant states in the United States and foreign countries in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. This multinational and domestic admixture creates a demographically diverse and intellectually stimulating environment for the student body.

CEBES leverages the capabilities of its academic and business-experienced faculty to deliver the best combination of theoretical and experiential practices that emphasize case study analyses, simulations, lectures and applied exercises in state-of-the-art campus facilities and laboratories. Classroom instruction is supplemented with on-site visits to public and private organizations where students network and interact with practitioners and experts in the Center's business disciplines.

An active study-abroad program also fosters international exposure and cultural connectivity beyond the boundaries of American academic pedagogy. The Center's curriculum is enriched by a synthesis of liberal arts, humanities and the sciences in addition to its grounding in practical business applications.

The Center seeks to augment the academic experience of its students by encouraging participation in several extracurricular activities—Business Club, Student in Free Enterprise, National Association of Black Accountants, Finance and Entrepreneurship. These student-facilitated activities build project management, teamwork, leadership, management, financial, technological, and entrepreneurial competencies, which are indispensable attributes of the learning organization in a knowledge-based economy.