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How can I request a book voucher?
Why does my account reflect a fine charge?
How much money do I owe the University?
Are there Payment Plan options?

How can I request a book voucher?

Access Lincoln University Bursar’s office Homepage and click on the forms section and follow the instructions.  Book vouchers do not have an expiration date but the deadline to request a book voucher will be the last day to add and drop courses. Please refer to the University calendar for the exact date.  Any money placed on a book voucher is nonrefundable.  Please make sure you access the University Bookstore website to price your books, supplies, and any other items you are planning to purchase on your book voucher.  The money not spent on your book voucher will remain in your bookstore account.

Why does my account reflect a fine charge?

Fines are sent to the Bursar’s Office by various departments.  For any questions or adjustments necessary to these charges, the student will need to contact that particular office directly.

For example:  

~If a student shows a parking fine charge, he/she will need to contact the Public Safety Department.
~If a student’s account reflects a Lock Change or Residence Life fines, he/she will have to call the office of  Residence Life

How much money do I owe the University?

Bills can be accessed at  Connect through Web Advisor and click on Log In, which will prompt you to enter your User Id and password.  This will take you to the Financial Information screen where you will click on View Account and Make Payments to see your bill.  For additional information, please refer to our website under the View an E-bill instructions.

Do any Payment Plan options exist?

Access the Bursar’s Office Homepage at Click on the Payment Options section (located on the left side) for details.  The maximum amount that can be placed on a payment plan cannot exceed 20% of term charges.  If you need to setup a payment plan, please click on Tuition Management Systems (can access via our webpage on the right side). All students must have a zero($0) balance on their student account in order to enroll for a current term. Please refer to our website for details on our Student Account Policy.

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