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Resolutions of
The Board of Trustees

Lincoln University, PA

February 8, 2013

2012-13 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES FOR                                      RES433_020813

, Article V, Section 14 of Lincoln University by-laws set forth the function of the Evaluations Committee; and

 WHEREAS, The Evaluations Committee has made a recommendation to establish goals and objectives which are attached hereto and made a part hereof for President Jennings for 2012-13; now, therefore be it

 RESOLVED, That the Board of Trustees hereby approves the goals and objectives recommended by the Evaluations Committee.


Performance Category

Measurable Goals

Educational Policy and Academic Affairs (including the Graduate Center)

1.     Sign a minimum of five articulation agreements with community colleges for transfer enrollments (proposed by Dr. Jennings)

2.     Establish a Nursing Program in the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (proposed by Dr. Jennings)

3.     With the Barnes Foundation, create internships and collaborative learning experiences in Art History/Education and Museum Operations

Business/Fiscal Affairs

1.     Lobby for and secure increased State funding or level funding for the 2012-2013 school year. (proposed by Dr. Jennings)

2.     Build an operating reserve of at least $500,000 annually

3.     Improve operational efficiency based on external auditors assessments by 100%

Student Affairs

1.     Increase the number of applications for enrollment by 20% over 2011-2012 applicants (proposed by Dr. Jennings)

2.     Increase student enrollment by 2% over 2011-2012 enrollees (proposed by Dr. Jennings)

3.     Establish a monthly convocation series to enhance student awareness of key issues

Buildings and Property

1.      Reorganize and streamline the maintenance department to better track and address campus issues.

2.     Resolve differences with Brandywine Realty Trust regarding the leasing and management of 3020 Market Street­­­­

3.     Initiate the process for determining the most desirable approach to funding and constructing a new dormitory.

Planning and Development

1.     Establish or reorganize a minimum of five alumni chapters in preparation for a Capital Campaign to be started in 2013 (proposed by Dr. Jennings)

2.     Increase private sector support by 2% over 2012 dollars (proposed by Dr. Jennings)

3.     Conduct feasibility study for capital campaign with a projected goal of $40-$50 million.

External Affairs

1.     Launch a comprehensive public relations/marketing  campaign to re-brand Lincoln University

2.     Launch the Annual Lions Awards to recognize distinguished citizens and alumni

3.     Increase alumni giving to 11% annually


The motion was properly moved and seconded.
Motion carried unanimously.

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