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Resolutions of
The Board of Trustees

Lincoln University, PA

February 8, 2013

NURSING PROGRAM CURRICULUM                                         RES426_020813

WHEREAS, The Board of Trustees authorized the University’s efforts to develop a Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) Program to meet the needs of the region.  Pursuant to this authorization, the University submitted a proposal to the Pennsylvania Board of Nursing for the approval of its plan to implement a BSN Program.  As has been reported, the Board of Nursing has approved the University’s proposal, and program delivery is scheduled to begin Fall 2013.  Preparatory to program delivery, the Faculty approved the following 17 new Nursing courses as the Nursing Curriculum at its November 2012 meeting.  They are:
NUR 300 S.M.A.R.T.S. (0 credits)
NUR 301 Fundamentals of Nursing (4 credits)
NUR 302 Health Assessment and Promotion (4 credits)
NUR 303 Nursing Pathophysiology (3 credits)
NUR 304 Adult Health Nursing I (4 credits)
NUR 306 Mental Health Nursing (4 credits)
NUR 308 Nursing Informatics & Technology/Computer Applications II (3 credits)
NUR 310 Pharmacology (3 credits)
NUR 402 Nursing Research (3 credits)
NUR 403 Healthcare Ethics (3 credits)
NUR 404 Adult Health Nursing (4 credits)
NUR 405 Healthcare Delivery Systems (3 credits)
NUR 406 Maternal/Child Bearing Nursing (4 credits)
NUR 408 Nursing Care of Children and Families (4 credits)
NUR 411 Population Health Nursing (4 credits)
NUR 412 Nursing Leadership & Management (3 credits)
NUR 414 Capstone Senior Seminar (4 credits); now, therefore be it
RESOLVED, That the Lincoln University Board of Trustees approves the Nursing Program Curriculum as listed above (recommended by the University Faculty).
The motion was properly moved and seconded.
Motion carried unanimously.

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