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Resolutions of
The Board of Trustees

Lincoln University, PA

November 17, 2007

CONTINUATION OF BUILDING 26                                                RES280_111707

WHEREAS, Building 26 (President’s Residence, circa 1906) is 101 years old this year, is a 8,000 gross square foot residence and is in need of continued renovation; and

 WHEREAS, Additional renovations and repairs to Building 26 require specific Board approval; and

 WHEREAS, In accordance with HB 1634, Act 40 (2004) approval has been granted to spend an additional $1,200,000 to repair and renovate Building 26; and

 WHEREAS, During the past three years the University has implemented a plan to renovate the exterior and interior of Building 26; and

 WHEREAS, During the past three years the Board of Trustees has approved amounts to be spent in those fiscal years for renovation of the exterior and interior of Building 26; and

 WHEREAS, The University has completed the installation of central air and heat, replaced the roof, painted the interior and exterior, repaired the front columns, replaced screen doors, pointed the exterior masonry, resurfaced the front porch and front steps, replaced exterior lighting at the front entrance, repainted exterior shutters and installed new windows, upgraded and renovated the kitchen area, installed high end kitchen appliances, replaced all drapes and blinds, installed new ceiling crown molding, and installed hardwood floors that resulted in the expenditures of $523,035.48 to date; and

 WHEREAS, To provide a comparison to renovation cost, the University spent up to $700,000 to bring Cannon House (circa 1874) to the present quality to house the University’s Admissions and Graduate Center offices; and

WHEREAS, To continue the renovation plan of Building 26, the estimated cost has exceeded the present authorization, while not finishing the renovations.  Listed below are renovations, in priority order, that need to be completed:

  • Renovate both second floor bathrooms
  • Renovate the third floor and basement bathrooms
  • Reupholster the built-in basement seats
  • Replace wall base cabinets and countertop in basement and third floor

and paint hallways

  • Replace carpet on stairs to third floor
  • Replace the basement suspended ceiling
  • Replace cabinetry and carpet on the third floor
  • Upgrade electrical service in the basement and the third floor
  • Improve the storm water drainage around the property
  • Renovate and repair the carport and garage structure
  • Repair the rear porch
  • Install privacy fence; now, therefore be it

 RESOLVED, That the Board of Trustees authorizes up to an additional $300,000 for the renovation of Building 26 for FY08.

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