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Resolutions of
The Board of Trustees

Lincoln University, PA

November 17, 2007

WHEREAS, Mr. Milan K. Carter, Mr. Lincoln and a broadcast journalism major, had three internships during Summer 2007, including CN8 (Comcast News 8) in New Castle, Delaware, 215 Magazine in Philadelphia and Studio 609, a music company also in Philadelphia; and
WHEREAS, Dr. Kevin E. Favor, Associate Professor of Psychology, and project director of a two-year $199,000 grant from NSF to develop the capacity of HBCUs to engage in the teaching and practice of culturally competent evaluation, focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education programs; and
WHEREAS, Dr. Goro Nagase, Professor of Mathematics, has established an endowment in his name to provide scholarship to students majoring in mathematics and computer science; and
WHEREAS, Ms. Ashley Parker, a Senior from Pleasantville, New Jersey, has been named one of the nine finalists for the prestigious NCAA Woman of the Year award; and
WHEREAS, Dr. David F. Royer, Professor of Biology, and principal investigator of a five-year $209,000 grant from NSF to introduce African American students to ecological research and to encourage them to pursue graduate studies through a mentoring program; and
WHEREAS, Ms. Rumbidzai Tabvuma, a native of Zimbabwe, Africa majoring in accounting and French, won the 34th Annual National Persuasive Oratorical Contest in Indianapolis, Indiana; now therefore be it
RESOLVED, That the Lincoln University Board of Trustees recognizes the outstanding efforts and accomplishments of Mr. Milan K. Carter, Dr. Kevin E. Favor, Dr. Goro Nagase, Ms. Ashley Parker, Dr. David F. Royer, and Ms. Rumbidzai Tabvuma whose achievements continue to promote and advance the Lincoln University legacy of excellence.

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