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Resolutions of
The Board of Trustees

Lincoln University, PA

November 18, 2006

RECOGNITION OF FACULTY MEMBERS FOR                                     RES253_111806


WHEREAS, Scholarly and creative activity are normally expected functions of academic professors, alongside the expectation of teaching and service; and

WHEREAS, Lincoln University has been privileged during its 152-year history to count among its academic ranks outstanding scholars and visual and performing artists; and

WHEREAS, Lincoln University can point to its fair share of creative scholars who have published peer-reviewed books and journal articles or rendered juried artworks or artistic performances; and

WHEREAS, Since the year 2000 Lincoln University faculty members have contributed to their academic disciplines through published, peer-reviewed books and journal articles or juried artistic works and performances; and

WHEREAS, The President and Board of Trustees are desirous of recognizing these creative scholarly and artistic endeavors; now therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the President and Board of Trustees wish to commend these faculty members (with titles of their works listed below): 

Dr. K. Ramachandra Bhat

Professor, Chemistry (1986)

K. R. Bhat, B. J. Benton, D. S. Rosenthal, M. E. Smulson and R. Ray, “Role of Poly (ADP-ribose) Polymerase (PARP) in DNA Repair in Sulfur Mustard-exposed Normal Human Epidermal Keratinocytes (NHEK),” Journal of Applied Toxicology, Vol. 20, S13-S17 (2000).

K. Ramachandra Bhat, Betty J. Benton and Radharaman Ray, “DNA Ligase I Is an In Vivo Substrate of DNA-Dependent Protein Kinase and Is Activated by Phosphorylation in Response to DNA Double-Strand Breaks,” Biochemistry, Vol. 45, pages 6522-6528 (2006).

K. Ramachandra Bhat, Betty J. Benton and Radharaman Ray, “Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP is essential for sulfur mustard-induced DNA damage repair, but has no role in DNA ligase activation,” Journal of Applied Toxicology, Vol. 26, pages 452-457 (2006).

Mr. Jeffrey Chapp

Associate Professor, Visual and Performing Arts (1995)

2005 Clay National Exhibition, Baltimore, Maryland (2005).  Work presented in catalogue; review of the show published in the NCELA Journal 2005, vol. XXVI.

An Extravagance of “Salt & Pepper” containers, shakers, concepts, Baltimore, Maryland (2006).  Digital CD catalogue has images of artist’s work and is also available on line; “Improvised Iraq War Commemorative Salt & Pepper shakers” featured in press release in “Ceramics Monthly,” May 2006.

Brothers in Art:  Steven Chapp – Prints and Other Media & Jeffrey Chapp – Ceramics, Pickens, South Carolina, 2006.

Dr. Anthony DiFilippo

Professor, Sociology and Anthropology (1984)

Japan’s Nuclear Disarmament Policy and the U.S. Security Umbrella, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, October 2006.

“Nuclear Deterrence and Animosity in Japan-North Korean Relations: Steps to Coexistence,” Pacific Focus, Vol. XXI, pages 137-174 (Spring 2006).

“U.S. Policy and the Nuclear Weapons Ambitions of the ‘Axis of Evil’ Countries,” New Political Science, Vol. 28, pages 101-124 (March 2006).

“Security Trials, Nuclear Tribulations, and Rapprochement in Japan-North Korean Relations,” The Journal of Pacific Asia, Vol. 11, pages 7-31 (2004).

Dr. Jeffrey Hoogeveen

Associate Professor, English and Mass Communications (1998)

David Blakely and Jeffrey L. Hoogeveen, The Thomson Handbook (comprehensive—1200 pages and brief—600 pages), Boston: Thomson Wadsworth, 2006.

Dr. Anna Hull

Assistant Professor, Biology (2005)

Anna K. Hull, Vidadi Yusibov and Vadim Mett, “Inducible expression in plants by virus-mediated transgene activation,” Transgeneic Research, Vol. 14, pages 407-416 (2005).

Anna K. Hull, Carolyn J. Criscuolo, Vadim Mett, Herman Groen, Wilma Steeman, Hans Westra, Gail Chapman, Bart Legutki, Les Baillie, and Vidadi Yusibov, “Human-derived, plant-produced monoclonal antibody for the treatment of anthrax,” Vaccine, Vol. 23, pages 2082-2086 (2005).

Karin Ljung, Anna K. Hull, John Celenza, Masahi Yamada, Mark Estelle, Jennifer Normanly, and Goran Sandberg, “Sites and Regulation of Auxin Biosynthesis in Arabidopsis Roots,” Plant Cell, Vol. 17, pages 1090-1104 (2005).

Dr. Terrance Johnson

Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology (2003)

“The Future of Law Enforcement:  Can Community Policing Survive a Post 9/11 Era?,” Law Enforcement Executive Forum, Vol. 6, pages 23-38 (2006).

“Community Policing:  The Transformational Change,” Lincoln Journal of Social and Political Thought, Vol. 3, pages 118-133 (2005).

Terrance A. Johnson and Raymond W. Cox, III, “Police Ethics:  Organizational Implications,” Vol. 7, pages 67-79 (2005).

Natasha D. Farmer and Terrance A. Johnson, Book Review:  The Shadowlands of Conduct Ethics and State Politics by Beth A. Rosenson, Public Integrity, Vol. 8, pages 187-188 (2006).

Dr. Penelope Kinsey

Professor, Psychology (1966)

“The Religious-Spiritual Orienting System and Coping: Implications for Assessment of African American,” Chapter 3 in Personality Assessment and Culture, edited by Ann Carter-Obayuwana, Sharon Gopaul-McNicol, and Delroy Louden, editors and contributors, Lincoln University: Office of Research Development, Planning, and Coordination (2005).

The Reverend Dr. Melvin Leaman

Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Religion (2001)

“Sojourns and Confessions of a Compassionate Racist,” DreamSeeker Magazine, Vol. 6, pages 12-17 (2006).

Dr. Delroy Louden

Professor, Psychology (1997)

Ann Carter-Obayuwana, Sharon Gopaul-McNicol, and Delroy Louden, editors and contributors, Personality Assessment and Culture, Lincoln University: Office of Research Development, Planning, and Coordination (2005).

Ms. Jamie Mansell

Lecturer, Health, Physical Education and Recreation (2004)

Jamie Mansell, Ryan T. Tierney, Michael R. Sitler, Kathleen A. Swanik, and David Stearne, “Resistance Training and Head-Neck Dynamic Stabilization in Male and Female Collegiate Soccer Players,” Journal of Athletic Training, Vol. 40, pages 310-319 (2005).

Ms. Rita McKinley-Pride

Visiting Lecturer, Visual and Performing Arts (2005)

Performance:  “Live in Finland,” Opera Ebony (2006).

Dr. Zoran Milovanovich

Professor, Sociology and Anthropology (1994)

“Privilege Against Self-Incrimination: A Comparative Perspective,” Chapter 20 in Comparative and International Criminal Justice, edited by Charles B. Fields and Richter H. Moore, Jr., Long Grove, Illinois: Waveland Press, Inc., 2005.

Dr. Gwinyai Muzorewa

Chair and Professor, Philosophy and Religion (1998)

Gwinyai H. Muzorewa, editor and contributor, Know Thyself:  Ideologies of Black Liberation, Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2005.

Dr. Oswald Richards

Chair and Associate Professor, Business and Information Technology (1999)

“Education for Democratic Citizenship in an Environment of Demographic Diversity,” Lincoln Journal of Social and Political Thought, Vol. 3, pages 68-102 (2005).

Dr. Susan Safford

Associate Professor, Biology (1993)

Benjamin Rohe, Susan E. Safford, Ilka Nemere, and Mary C. Farach-Carson, “Identification and characterization of 1,25D3-membrane-associated rapid response, steroid (1,25D3-MARRS)-binding protein in rat IEC-6 cells,” Journal of Steroids, Vol. 2, pages 458-463 (2005).

Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz

Distinguished Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science (1997)

A. Shabazz, F. Semwogerere, and F. Abebe, Real Analysis: A First Course With An Inductive Approach, Victoria, B.C., Canada:  Trafford Publishing, 2006.

FURTHER RESOLVED, That each of the above-named faculty members will be given a copy of this Resolution, which will be placed on record in the Langston Hughes Memorial Library.

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