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Resolutions of
The Board of Trustees

Lincoln University, PA

November 20, 2004

ESTABLISHING THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES                                                                      RES195_112004

WHEREAS, The President and the Board of Trustees is desirous of celebrating the accomplishments of faculty members who have distinguished themselves during the academic year; and

WHEREAS, The major tenet for service for faculty members at Lincoln University is defined in three categories:  teaching, research and service; and

WHEREAS, The recognition of faculty members who perform in an outstanding manner in teaching, research and service in a given year, not withstanding the requirements for promotion or tenure, should be recognized; and

WHEREAS, The recognition of outstanding faculty performance during a given year provides a vehicle for chronicling the accomplishments of the specific faculty member; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the Board of Trustees establishes three Distinguished Faculty Awards that will be given at Commencement; and further

RESOLVED, That the awards will be named as follows:

 -    The Henry G. Cornwell Distinguished Teaching Award
 -   The Hildrus A. Poindexter Distinguished Research Award
 -    The Soraya  M. Coley Distinguished Service Award

RESOLVED, That each award will carry an honorarium of $2000 and each awardee will be approved by the President and will not necessarily be given each year; and further

RESOLVED, That a faculty committee will be appointed by the President to establish a set of measurable criteria that will be recommended to the President for approval for each award; and further

RESOLVED, That the first awards will be available for faculty members at the May 2006 Commencement.

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