Welcome to the Department of Business and Entrepreneurial Studies

Our motto is "Building Leaders, Managers and Entrepreneurs for the Global Marketplace".
We accomplish these objectives by:

Delivering a rigorous portfolio of interdisciplinary business courses that are integrated with liberal arts, humanities and natural sciences.

Exposing students to qualified professors with academic, professional and clinical experience in their field.

Providing an intellectually stimulating environment in technology-enriched classrooms that enhances students' learning experiences as they are prepared with knowledge, skills and abilities for the global marketplace.

Encouraging students to leverage their native abilities, informed by transdisciplinary instruction, to foster a climate of entrepreneurialism.

CEBES's degrees in Accounting, Finance, Information Technology and Management:
  • Are designed for the enterprising student
  • Prepare students for the job market
  • Target key jobs in the professions
  • Study with the Center of Excellence in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies!

Vision and Mission


The vision of Center of Excellence in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies (CEBES) is to position Lincoln University as a preeminent institution for the preparation of highly educated accounting, financial and entrepreneurial students for the global marketplace. CEBES will foster strategic partnerships with organizational enterprises, leverage the clinical skills of private and public sector practitioners, and capitalize on the experience of skilled interdisciplinary professors to create a dynamic learning environment that challenges students to create, expand and transform the boundaries of knowledge as influential leaders, managers and entrepreneurs for the innovative economy.


The mission of the Center of Excellence in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies (CEBES) is to create a technology-enriched and intellectually-stimulating learning environment that motivates students to pursue and acquire interdisciplinary bodies of knowledge in the principal disciplines of accounting and finance infused with entrepreneurship and information technology. CEBES will expose students to the best combination of experiential and theoretical practices that emphasize case study analysis, enterprise resource planning applications, enterprise simulations, lectures and applied exercises in offline and online environments, study-abroad facilities and at offsite partnership organizations. CEBES will also encourage its students to take advantage of internship opportunities and cooperative education experiences. These integrated strategies will allow the department to deliver qualified graduates to the global marketplace who possess distinctive and experiential competencies in the focused disciplines.


The goals of the Center of Excellence in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies are to deliver professionalized education to its students in response to the demands of the global private and public sector marketplace. The Center strives to achieve its goals through the application and execution of the following strategic initiatives:
  • To overhaul, redesign and enhance the business curriculum with a principal focus on Accounting, Finance and Entrepreneurial preparation.

  • To annually recruit, cohort and retain qualified students who will major in Accounting, Finance and Entrepreneurship.

  • To graduate students in Accounting, Finance and Entrepreneurship who will enter graduate school, successfully pass the CPA (and later CFA and CFP) examination, obtain employment in public/private sector enterprises, or start their own businesses.

  • To infuse entrepreneurship across the business curriculum, which establishes the foundation for business incubation, innovation, commercialization and consulting.

  • To seek formal programmatic accreditation with the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB).

  • To build strategic alliances with private and public sector enterprises for program funding, student internship, cooperative education experiences and employment opportunities.

  • To strengthen and expand the study abroad program initiatives to build student cultural and political awareness, language proficiency, competitive skills, subject-discipline expansiveness and experiential learning for the global marketplace.

  • To accelerate the infusion of information technologies into business courses, using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and complementary systems.

  • To develop formal and informal relationships with academic institutions for joint program development and sponsorships, workshops, seminars, grant-writing and research activities.

  • To develop and deliver certificate and executive education programs in targeted disciplines as a logical extension of the Center.s vision and mission.

  • To collaborate and partner with nonbusiness departments for interdisciplinary curricular development, academic cross-fertilization and team teaching modalities.
  • To implement a five-year, combined bachelor.s and master.s degree business program.